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As a baseball fan of over 20 years, I’m pleased to say that my introduction to the game of baseball came during the 1993 World Series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Philadelphia Phillies. I will never forget Joe Carter’s gleeful expression as he leapt around the bases after his walk-off Home Run against Philadelphia closer Mitch Williams. This home run clinched back-to-back World Series titles. For Blue Jays fans, all seemed right with the world.

Concussions: The Big Elephant In The Room

Our World Media Magazine LLC wishes to thank our readers for your unflinching loyalty and support. When this magazine came into existent some two years ago, we celebrated at the Langston Hughes Library in Corona. The reason was that Langston Hughes Library remains one of the towering and recognizable educational edifice in our community of Corona and New York City. Our launch also signifies how we truly and rightfully place a very high premium on education and knowledge. Knowledge is power and w

Is Jordan Morris’ MLS signing a bad career move?

There is no secret that the soccer world is abuzz about the curious decision of U.S National Team Striker Jordan Morris signing with the Seattle Sounders over Bundesliga club Werder Bremen. Jordan Morris has been offered the richest homegrown player deal for a player in MLS history. Specifically, Morris will receive $675,000 in guaranteed money over the next three years. It appears that the Seattle Sounders moved heaven and earth to make this deal happen. The Sounders had no choice but to spend

Odell Beckham Jr - Please Stay Classy

The NFL has decided to uphold the suspension of Odell Beckham Jr. despite his appeal. As a result, he will not be available for the New York Giants do-or-die game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night. It is no secret that the lion’s share of this team’s offensive success rest on the shoulders of Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. After all, the New York Giants are 24th in the league in rushing. The second-best receiver on the New York Giants is Rueben Randle with a paltry 638 yards. Gi

The Sports Dissector :: The Nets Must Unload Brook Lopez ASAP

On January 23rd, the Los Angeles Clippers destroyed the Brooklyn Nets in a way that a varsity high school team would destroy their junior varsity basketball team. During their 123-84 blowout victory, Lob City was in full effect as Chris Paul grinded the defense of the Brooklyn Nets into complete mush. DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin had a field day with little resistance from Brook Lopez and the rest of the Nets defense. At that time, it was rumored that Brook Lopez was looking to be dealt to

The Jets are a Soap Opera in Progress

RANDOM THOUGHTS AND BRUTAL HONESTY : NFL PRESEASON EDITION : THE JETS ARE A SOAP OPERA IN PROGRESS The New York Jets continue to head towards becoming the most embarrassing franchise in the NFL as well as the sports world.   The current quarterback battle between Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez has been advertised at a nauseating rate.  It has become reminiscent of the Team Edward/Team Jacob debate in the “Twilight” series. Despite being in his fifth year in the NFL and having two AFC Championship

Tour de France 2012: Overworked, Underpaid

With the immense popularity of the Tour De France worldwide, are riders receiving their fair share of the prize money? Recently, the NBC Sports Group inked a ten year deal for expanded coverage of the Tour De France. For the first time in US history, coverage of the Tour De France was shown on national television. Coverage was also seen on the all-new NBC Sports Network . The deal is geared toward advancing the popularity of cycling in the United States. The agreement also includes coverage of

The Invasion of Technology in the NFL

Andre Waldron is a native New Yorker  who has been a life-long sports fan and enthusiast.   He’s emotionally connected to every New York team, except the New York Islanders.   He graduated magna cum laude from the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University with a degree in finance. He’s have been recently accepted into the SUNY Binghamton Fast-Track Professional MBA program and has contributed to several sports blogs over the years. Long-time and casual fans have a firm understanding of the

The Lakers - More Questions Than Answers

The Lakers lost out on the Chris Paul sweepstakes due to David Stern’s infamous veto. However, the Lakers are a prime player in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. As a matter of fact, ESPN’ s Ric Bucher has attributed Kobe’s recent barrage of 40 point games as a recruiting measure to convince Dwight Howard that he hasn’t lost his step. However, some questions remain: What will the Laker’s identity be under Mike Brown? Furthermore, can they compensate for the losses of Shannon Brown to free agency an
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